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How we serve Business Owners

As business owners, the ExCel principals work closely with you and your advisors

during the critical preparation for a liquidity event to ensure tax planning strategies are deployed to maximize your net return upon a sale. With over 20 years of experience, our focus areas include:









There are various methods of mitigating taxes that business and real estate owners pay on capital gains upon a sale or liquidity event. This planning is highly customized and impacted by specifics, such as entity structure and timing.

Whether planning for a one-time liquidity event or preparing for a transition of wealth through succession planning or estate planning, we have a deep knowledge of best practices.

Our planning process can also help you to gain consensus from family members, despite complexity of the issues and your particular life circumstances.

  • Transition planning services
  • Tax planning/pre-event liquidity planning for business owners
  • Business succession planning strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transfer

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

We serve as an objective fiduciary to oversee, advise and provide services on your overall investment portfolio, ranging from real estate, private equity, loans, and other non-traditional investments.
Outsourcing to ExCel frees you from relying on your company’s in-house team, which can become problematic.

Our services include:

  • Determine cash flow and/or total return needs by entity and/or owner
  • Develop overall investment strategy approach
  • Create investment policy statements for each entity
  • Oversee all investment accounts regardless of institution
  • Provide deal due diligence on all real estate and private equity transactions
  • Deliver aggregated investment reports
  • Source of debt and equity for real estate and private equity related transactions
  • Provide asset management of real estate and private equity

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer

Business owners must often segregate their personal finances from those of their companies. ExCel can serve as your independent head accountant, managing all aspects of your financial operations, including cash management, financial reporting, income tax compliance, expense monitoring, financial statement audits and annual budgets. We can integrate with your personal and business finance reporting as needed.

Our services include:

  • Produce income statements, balance sheets, cash flow schedules
  • Reconcile all investment accounts
  • Manage accounting and reporting for cash and liquidity
  • Produce custom and tailored financial reports
  • Manage income tax reporting and compliance
  • Construct annual budgeting
  • Conduct expense reconciliation and maintain cost control

Upon the sale of your business, we work with you on the creation of a tax efficient cash flow plan to replace the income stream once provided by your business.

As determined by your specific portfolio parameters, we look to integrate equities, fixed income and derivatives in an optimal balance. Our objective is to generate a consistent cash flow to enable you to live life to the fullest, while advancing towards your longer-term investment goals.

Proper estate planning ensures a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation that reflects the values and mission of the family. These are often very challenging and sensitive matters because they involve money, real estate, or family businesses.

Families come to us to help navigate the complexity of these matters, and to ultimately design an estate plan that is aligned for success. We begin with a unique discovery process that enables us to get to the root of your family’s dynamic, relationship to wealth and various needs. We then help you to create a legacy plan that is detailed, equitable and reflects the uniqueness of your family.

It is important to note that our work does not end once your estate/legacy plan is complete. On the contrary, we have found it all too common for families to put their plans on a shelf and leave them untouched until there is a major life event. We do not let that happen. We prefer to stay connected with your family and advisors to ensure that plans remain current and up to date.

Ultimately, it is our goal to make sure that you and your family are properly prepared for life events and are proactively managing current and future tax burdens.

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