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ExCel offers objective and actionable guidance from our experienced team

of personal consultants to help you navigate the complex intersection of family, business and market dynamics. With over 20 years of experience, our focus areas include:









There are viable pre-event planning strategies using solutions that can minimize ordinary income and capital gains tax. This planning is highly customized and impacted by specifics such as timing.

Whether planning for a one-time liquidity event or preparing for a transition of wealth through succession planning or estate planning, we have a deep knowledge of best practices.

Our planning process can also help you to gain consensus from family members, despite complexity of the issues and your particular life circumstances.

  • Transition planning services
  • Tax planning/pre-event liquidity planning for business owners
  • Business succession planning strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transfer

Proper estate planning ensures a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation that reflects the values and mission of the family. These are often very challenging and sensitive matters because they involve money, real estate, or family businesses.

Families come to us to help navigate the complexity of these matters, and to ultimately design an estate plan that is aligned for success. We begin with a unique discovery process that enables us to get to the root of your family’s dynamic, relationship to wealth and various needs. We then help you to create a legacy plan that is detailed, equitable and reflects the uniqueness of your family.

It is important to note that our work does not end once your estate/legacy plan is complete. On the contrary, we have found it all too common for families to put their plans on a shelf and leave them untouched until there is a major life event. We do not let that happen. We prefer to stay connected with your family and advisors to ensure that plans remain current and up to date.

Ultimately, it is our goal to make sure that you and your family are properly prepared for life events and are proactively managing current and future tax burdens.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Our Chief Investment Officer Solution is designed to be flexible, unbiased and compliment your existing investment solution.

Individuals and families with wealth of more than $50 million tend to have most of their personal balance sheet invested in alternatives to stocks and bonds such as businesses, real estate, private equity and private credit. We oversee your entire investment portfolio to ensure that your various professionals and investments are coordinated, tax efficient and compliant with your overall objectives -- no matter if investments are in liquid or illiquid form.


  • We do not require you to move your assets from financial institutions or managers to collaborate with us.
  • We act as a fiduciary which means we are held to the highest standard of professionalism and duty of care.
  • We do not charge a percentage of your balance sheet or investment portfolio (“wrap fee”). Instead, we charge a flat fee, which is based on volume of work and complexity.
  • We are a global firm. Our professionals are comprised of individuals who hold multiple credentials, experience in international business, investment, tax and finance.


  • We craft custom investment policy statements for each entity in collaboration with your investment managers, attorney and CPA.
  • We source, perform due diligence and manage direct investments in real estate, private equity and venture capital. We facilitate Family Office "Club Deals".
  • We provide financial and tax modeling to produce net income and total return projections.
  • We attend all manager/sponsor meetings to ensure objectives are followed and in compliance with tax and regulatory regimes.
  • We provide quarterly progress reports and insights into strategic opportunities.

"We sell you some of your time back." - Brian Weiner, Founder & CEO

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer

ExCel can serve as your independent head accountant, managing all aspects of your financial operations, including cash management, financial reporting, income tax compliance, expense monitoring, financial statement audits and annual budgets.

Our services include:

  • Produce income statements, balance sheets, cash flow schedules
  • Reconcile all investment accounts
  • Manage accounting and reporting for cash and liquidity
  • Produce custom and tailored financial reports
  • Manage income tax reporting and compliance
  • Construct annual budgeting
  • Conduct expense reconciliation and maintain cost control

We specialize in educating the current, next and future generation of family wealth responsibility and financial literacy. We have developed a proprietary curriculum that is distinctive for its approach to integrating knowledge about planning and investing with insights about behavior and dynamics.

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